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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fall Garden #2

Even though we are a third of the way through October, we are still gardening along. We have been enjoying broccoli. It's too hot here to plant it in the spring through early summer but we can pretty much grow it from fall to spring and it will survive our winters.

We have clay soil but with our raised beds and nice soft soil, I planted some carrots for the first time since we've lived in the South. Here they are coming up. I hope to have some by Thanksgiving!

This is a second planting of several varieties of lettuces that grow in cooler weather.

This is a bed of cauliflower and next to it is the fall crop of green beans.

Our banana peppers seem to have been revitalized with cooler weather. They are even still blooming. I've heard they can live if brought indoors so I may try to pot one of the plants and put it in the greenhouse when it's done!

My strawberry plants have filled out the beds with runners so I am giving away plant and cleaning them out so they can be ready for another spring!

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