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Friday, October 16, 2009

It's Time For Apples!

It's apple time! On Thursday, I had two RS classes on apples and applesauce. We are able to go up into Western North Carolina and get some good deals on some wonderful apples.

I bought 7 half bushel bags of apples and so we played with the apples. I have a Squeezo which helps makes applesauce very easy.

My old canner looks like it's had better days. It's probably 30 years old and I can't begin to count how many 100s of jars it's processed for me over the years.

Michael loves applesauce. Since I had some empty half gallon jars, I'm filling up them up with apples. Oh, the house smells sweet and the apples taste great!


  1. mmmmmm... I love homemade apple sauce- I borrow my mom's equipment every few years- that squeezo thing makes it so easy!