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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Beautiful first day of spring!

We had an absolutely beautiful first day of spring. It was in the 70s and so pretty outside. All of the trees are just about to bust out in bloom.

Eric and Tracy came over and the kids helped plant a bed and a half of seed potatoes. It was fun to watch them in the dirt. Sydney got excited to see some worms but the dove back down in the ground very fast. I caught one in my hand and she asked to touch it. She loved the wiggles it made!

Haily was good at covering up the potatoes. They wore some cute aprons that Grandma Fuller made to work outside.

While we were doing that, Eric helped Michael run a trench digger that he rented for the day. We have a water line down to the greenhouse but decided to put some water at each end of our future raised beds and we also ran a water line over to the existing raised beds so watering will be much easier. I can't imaging digging the trench by hand as Michael figured he dug about 160' with it.

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  1. Yaaay, spring! We rented a trench digger when Barry helped us put a sprinkler system in our last house. You're right... it saves hours of time and probably more than a few aches and pains!