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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Plastic on the Greenhouse!

After a winter of a lot of cold, wet and even snowy weekends, Michael finally had Spring break with descent weather that he he could work on the greenhouse.

Michael worked to finish up the framing and so late yesterday and early this morning before wind and rain, we put the plastic on the sides and top. I was brave and climbed up the ladder to help on the top!

That was no easy feat as there is a double layer of plastic because we are going to have a fan with air blowing in between the layers for insulation. The top piece was 40' x 20' that we folded over but Michael had such a wonderful idea to do it that we did it in less than an hour with just the two of us!

We still have a ways to go but having the plastic on and soon the doors, we will at least start to be able to use it while we set up the electricity, water and other things!

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